ABC • Andersia Business Centre


WCWI sp. z o.o. and subsidiaries of Von der Heyden Group are shareholders in the project. Andersia Business Centre constitutes the third phase of the development of Anders Square in Poznań. ABC is a modern office and service building located in the very centre of Poznań. Its four levels were designed with the office space in mind, while the ground floor houses shops and service establishments. The outer façade glazed on its whole height will make it possible to provide maximum light to the commercial areas. Excellent exposition of windows, especially on the sides of Kólowej Jadwigi and Półwiejska streets gives the possibility of effective advertising of presented goods and brands.

The building is located in Królowej Jadwigi street. It is 7 km away from A2 motorway. Owing to efficient public transport, the journey to Ławica airport takes about 20 minutes and to the train station — only 10 minutes.

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